The estate: Its Secrets

Stéphane Spitzglous is an enthusiast, self-taught winemaker. In 2010, he made the choice of an organic farming as well as an organic wine production in 2012, and this, by deep conviction. He works in compliance with the environment. He is using neither artificial fertilizers nor weed killers.

Missing vines are replaced in a regular way to preserve plots where we can find old vines of more than 60 years old.

The pruning is done using the “Cordon de Royat” to limit yields. This method enables the grapes to be spread out for a better aeration and sun exposure. This technique also helps to obtain homogeneous stages and maturities, whatever the vintage.

A careful disbudding is carried out on all the plots.

In July, thinning is performed to clear up, always looking for small yields per hectare and desired maturities.

His other secrets, he shares them only with his tanks and his barrels. Henri Bonnaud, himself, spoke to his vines…… but be quiiieeet!