The estate: Its History

It is first of all a men’s story, proud to be farmers, outstanding workers.

Stéphane Spitzglous represents the third generation and was born on the estate. Raised by his grandfather, he used to spent whole days with him on the tractor.


In 1996, Henri Bonnaud finally accepts to let him take over the Domain. But Stéphane has other ambitions: to make his own wine and to build a «chateau».


In 2004, he makes his first vintage. And in memory of his grandfather, who passed away in 2001, he decides to baptize it: Château Henri Bonnaud.

In 2006, Stéphane creates the Quintessence line, flagsheep of the estate.


In 2010, he decides to convert the whole estate into organic farming.


And in 2011, he lays the first stone of his “Château”, and makes his biggest dream comes true, one of the greatest moments of the estate’s history.


  • Purchase of the estate.
  • Reorganization of the estate by M. Henri Bonnaud.
  • Vineyard replanting.
  • Stephane Spitzglous takes over the domain.
  • First winemaking on site.
  • Birth of the Quintessence line.
  • Organic farming conversion.
  • Stephane Spitzglous lays the first stone of his “Château”.